Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
What Should Be Included In The Stage Rental Agreement?

What should be included in the contract for stage rental in Dubai? Some basic terms are Commercial general liability insurance, responsibility for damage during the rental period, and indemnification. The terms of the stage rental agreement should also cover the removal of banners, strings, rope, and other stage-related materials. Hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions. Don’t forget to read the terms of the rental agreement before signing.

Commercial general liability insurance:

If you’re leasing a stage for a production, you need to consider whether your stage rental agreement contains commercial general liability insurance. This type of insurance is often required by client contracts and mortgage lenders. It provides peace of mind for the business owner and is affordable for most small businesses.


Indemnification in a stage rental contract protects the landlord from losses caused by the tenant’s actions. It is often paired with a promise to defend the landlord. This sample clause protects the landlord from liability related to any injuries to the tenant’s inventory or personal belongings. It also protects the tenant from the landlord’s negligence.

Removal of banners, strings, rope, etc:

When you remove a banner, you should remove any metal eyelets. These can bend or stain the banner over time. Plastic eyelets do not bend and are recyclable in the PP or PE waste streams. Be sure to remove any metal eyelets and cut them out. Remove all strings, rope, and banners as soon as possible. After the event, remove all banners, strings, and rope.

Responsibility for damage to stage or equipment:

In a stage rental agreement, the customer is responsible for returning the stage and its equipment in working condition. If the stage or equipment is damaged or destroyed, the customer must pack it back into Stage Tech’s truck. If the equipment is damaged or missing, Stage Tech will bill the customer for the cost of replacement. The customer must return the equipment on the specified date, otherwise, they may be charged daily rates.

The contract should also state whether the renter is responsible for repairing or replacing the stage or equipment. Damage caused by the renter’s actions is a breach of contract and should be addressed immediately. This is because stage rental companies are required by law to have commercial general liability insurance. However, this type of insurance is not required by all rental companies. If you are unsure, contact a staging rental company for more information.

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